Has anyone used Desk Proto

Has anyone used Desk Proto 3D software on their Avid machine? Desk Proto only has the Mach3/4 processor so the speeds and dimensions will not match the AVID profiles.

Alternatively, is thee a better 3D software package like Desk Proto

Yep, a while back. Version 6, never purchased 7. Just open the machine def and fix the speeds and feeds. The post is pretty straight forwards if you need to customize it.

But, to be honest, DeskProto is just “turkey on a spit” aka 3 axis with a wrap and our machines are true 4 axis. I think even that vcarve thing does a turkey roast now. Somebody posted a few days back a model he was trying to cut using vcarve.

DeskProto was cool back in 2012 when it was the only game in town for usable rotary axis machining. Now you can get Fusion 360 and have all 4 axis moving and do some amazing things for not a lot of cash. You can “rent” the 4 and 5 axis tool paths when you need them which makes it way more affordable.

The trick to F360 is go into the configs and disable the 5th axis and use true multiaxis milling and F360 does the rest for you.

Right now, to my knowledge there is nothing on the market that gets even close to F360 for the money.

If you do find something, I am all ears!