Home Axis - Changing Mid Cut

Hey all, we currently are having difficulties with our machines resetting its home right in the middle of a cut. Or as I am calling it “bump stopping/freezing”. I believe this might be a communication error from the computer to the cnc computer.

I have tried the following:
-updated to the newest Mach4 and ran SCU-Application to maximize the communication
-replaced ethernet cables to the machines
-replaced x-axis motors and spindles
-reached out to avid support
-checked all cables going into the machine and the motors

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

“Resetting its home” and “bump stopping/freezing” sound like two different things to me. Can you describe what symptoms you’re seeing? Is there a tripped limit switch while it’s in the middle of the table? Do the machine coordinate values jump, and if so, which axes and how much? Is something physical getting jammed?

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