Homing on Y axis not completing

Trying to get our touchplate set up but we need the homing to work first. Z homes fine and then so does x where it will move until it sees the sensor and then backs of back to 0.

Y does the same thing as the other axis’ but then locks up as soon as it hits the sensor doesn’t try to move back to 0.

No error messages or anything though. it just seems to pause the operation, then once we hit stop it says homing complete. It still requires the machine to be homed though as soon as you hit the auto touchplate button so it doesn’t seems to have actually completed homing.

All axis are set to the same settings for homing operation so nothing seems out of place there, where else should I be looking? I also already reset everything a few times to rule out anything weird and the problem is consistent.

Have you talked to the Avid tech support people about this? I’ve found them to be very helpful.

Robs6 is correct. The few times I’ve called Avid tech support they’ve been really good. If there is something wrong with your setup, the hardware or the software, then chances are, they’ve seen it and will know what to do.

I can’t say I know what your issue is but there is something that occurs to me. I don’t think your axis is supposed to retract to zero after homing. I think it’s supposed to just retract enough to come off of the sensor. Another question, What is your soft limit on the Y axis? Does it allow your Y axis to be at the sensor without tripping? The soft limits are deactivated during homing but maybe if they trip after homing it could cause an issue. Just a guess.

interesting, I wasn’t aware of their tech support. I just took on a job that has several CNCs and the guy who set them up left with no info on them and i’m just slowly learning everything from 0. Getting some inconsistencies between tool operations just using the paper method and figured the Auto z touchplate would be exactly what we need. I’ll give avid tech support a call and report from there. Thanks for the help!