Z crashing while homing

Good day.
I have a problem while homing…every now and then when I home the maching the z axis crash into the rubber stop press it and up to the sensor.

I have to hit the emergency stop.
This happens before and after a Mach4 reinstall.

The sensor is installed at 23mm below plate…never happed yet with the plasma side. only the spindle which I use more often.

Anything I can do about this? sensor going bad?

Thank you!

Double check before homing if the ‘ACTIVE’ light on mach 4 turns on when you touch the bit with the sensor plate. Once happened to me and now I always check that before homing.

I have had this happen on both the Z and Y axis, not very often though. I wonder if something more ferrous should at the sensor face. This is with Mach3; no touch plate issue.

I would probably move the Z sensor down a thread or two, buy yourself a little space.

I have had the same issue a few times in the last 6 months or so. I have plenty of gap between the sensor trip point and rubber hard stop. Was thinking about swapping out the sensor in case it has become less sensitive.

Thanks everyone for reporting this. Has anyone that has experienced this figured out a way to reliably reproduce this? Or is this just a random occurrence for those that have seen it?

Question what would be a measurable value for this sensor? to test it out?

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If I could, I would have fixed it by now :slight_smile: