How to adjust the torch height after cut

Question…after I cut something lets say a circle the plasma torch goes way up before another cut and this results into wasted time.

Where can I adjust this?
see this video at 19:20 4'x4' Cnc Plasma Table ~ Avid Pro Cnc Plasma Kit - YouTube

When the machine was new it behaved like the video.
Thank you!

If you can post some sample gcode maybe we can take a look. The machine will only do what it’s told, so the code should reveal the move.

Agreed, David. On the system I run here, that is specified in the G-Code. Many pieces of SW ‘like’ to default it to a ‘safe-high’ to help people possibly breeze over a tip-up without snagging on it. but if cutting big parts that can’t tip-up, or just plowing in a bunch of holes before cutting the part free from the sheet, then a lower retract height is nice. I use different CAD here than most ppl, so I can’t comment to much on this one, but for me, the retract height is specified in the G-Code.

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Thank you for the reply.
Here is a gcode for cuttign 3 circles.

Thank you!

N0010 (Filename: sq253piece.tap)
N0020 (Post processor: Avid CNC Mach4.scpost v1.7)
N0030 (Date: 19/02/2020)
N0040 G21 (Units: Metric)
N0050 G53 G90 G91.1 G40
N0060 G64 (Constant Velocity Mode - normally used with Plasma)
N0070 (Part: sq253piece)
N0080 (Operation: Inside Offset, Default, T24: HTP Steel 3mm setting 11 THC100)
N0090 m2020 (TARGET_TIP_VOLTS=100)
N0100 m2020 (ESS_DELAY_AFTER_ARC_OKAY=0.2)
N0110 G4 P0.1
N0120 G00 X55.7568 Y45.9971
N0130 G91 Z-0.1000
N0140 G90
N0150 (<<<<<<RESTART POINT #1>>>>>>)
N0160 G31.0 Z-100 F500.0
N0170 M3003 (Zero Z Axis - Mechanical)
N0180 M3001 (Clear work shift)
N0190 m2020 (HC_WORK_Z_ZEROED=1)
N0200 G4 P0.1
N0210 G00 Z3.8100
N0220 G4 P0.002
N0230 M62P3
N0240 Z3.8090
N0250 G01 Z3.0480 F2540.0
N0260 F2032.0
N0270 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0280 G02 X53.3184 Y43.5587 I-2.4384 J0.0000
N0290 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0300 G01 X45.3229
N0310 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0320 X38.9729 F1422.4
N0330 Y49.9087
N0340 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0350 Y65.8997 F2032.0
N0360 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0370 Y72.2497 F1422.4
N0380 X45.3229
N0390 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0400 X61.3139 F2032.0
N0410 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0420 X67.6639 F1422.4
N0430 Y65.8997
N0440 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0450 Y49.9087 F2032.0
N0460 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0470 Y43.5587 F1422.4
N0480 X61.3139
N0490 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0500 X53.3184 F2032.0
N0510 M63P3
N0520 G04 P0.2
N0530 G91 G00 Z0.5000
N0540 G90
N0550 M3000 (Set work shift)
N0560 G00 Z10.0000
N0570 X81.9086 Y22.9295
N0580 G91 Z-0.1000
N0590 G90
N0600 (<<<<<<RESTART POINT #2>>>>>>)
N0610 G31.0 Z-100 F500.0
N0620 M3003 (Zero Z Axis - Mechanical)
N0630 M3001 (Clear work shift)
N0640 m2020 (HC_WORK_Z_ZEROED=1)
N0650 G4 P0.1
N0660 G00 Z3.8100
N0670 G4 P0.002
N0680 M62P3
N0690 Z3.8090
N0700 G01 Z3.0480 F2540.0
N0710 F2032.0
N0720 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0730 G02 X79.4702 Y25.3679 I0.0000 J2.4384
N0740 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0750 G01 Y31.9788
N0760 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0770 Y38.3288 F1422.4
N0780 X85.8202
N0790 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0800 X99.0422 F2032.0
N0810 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0820 X105.3922 F1422.4
N0830 Y31.9788
N0840 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0850 Y18.7569 F2032.0
N0860 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0870 Y12.4069 F1422.4
N0880 X99.0422
N0890 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0900 X85.8202 F2032.0
N0910 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N0920 X79.4702 F1422.4
N0930 Y18.7569
N0940 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N0950 Y25.3679 F2032.0
N0960 M63P3
N0970 G04 P0.2
N0980 G91 G00 Z0.5000
N0990 G90
N1000 M3000 (Set work shift)
N1010 G00 Z10.0000
N1020 X21.8504 Y14.9384
N1030 G91 Z-0.1000
N1040 G90
N1050 (<<<<<<RESTART POINT #3>>>>>>)
N1060 G31.0 Z-100 F500.0
N1070 M3003 (Zero Z Axis - Mechanical)
N1080 M3001 (Clear work shift)
N1090 m2020 (HC_WORK_Z_ZEROED=1)
N1100 G4 P0.1
N1110 G00 Z3.8100
N1120 G4 P0.002
N1130 M62P3
N1140 Z3.8090
N1150 G01 Z3.0480 F2540.0
N1160 F2032.0
N1170 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N1180 G02 X24.2888 Y12.5000 I-0.0000 J-2.4384
N1190 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N1200 G01 Y7.0612
N1210 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N1220 Y0.7112 F1422.4
N1230 X17.9388
N1240 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N1250 X7.0612 F2032.0
N1260 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N1270 X0.7112 F1422.4
N1280 Y7.0612
N1290 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N1300 Y17.9388 F2032.0
N1310 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N1320 Y24.2888 F1422.4
N1330 X7.0612
N1340 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N1350 X17.9388 F2032.0
N1360 M63P4 (THC Inhibited, AD2)
N1370 X24.2888 F1422.4
N1380 Y17.9388
N1390 M62P4 (+++THC Allowed, AD2+++)
N1400 Y12.5000 F2032.0
N1410 M63P3
N1420 G04 P0.2
N1430 G91 G00 Z0.5000
N1440 G90
N1450 M3000 (Set work shift)
N1460 G00 Z10.0000
N1470 Z10.1000
N1480 M30

There a a good number of lines like the one above, where ‘Z’ is being retracted almost 3.81inches. Likely the CAD system used to generate the G-Code is putting those in there.

Hmm well it’s metric so those should only result in, what’s that, about 1/8"? I think I’m interpreting that right. There’s a final retract to Z10 but that’s only roughly 3/8". I don’t see anything like G53 Zxx, G28 or a high Z retract that would be commanding the move.

The way I read it, it should finish, pause 0.2s, rapid up 0.5mm, rapid up to 10mm, then rapid up another 0.1mm to a final 10.1mm above the material surface and rewind.

The new Avid Mach4 version has an option to set the z height.
and this was the issue Mach4 Plasma Users Guide - CNC Software (

I still have another error but waiting on Avid respone.
The only next step I can think of is to replace the computer. :confused:

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Awesome, sounds like the timing on that new version is great! In the system here (CAD+GCode) the tool retracts are hard coded in the G-Code as explicit moves so they are super easy eto spot, not return to plane or any other of the many ways it can be done. Glad there is a quick path back to getting things working for you! :smiley:

Good day… still a question on this topic.
After cutting the z retract all the way up…on the router side it retracts 0.8"
Where can I set the plasma to do the same?

Thank you!

Nevermind… found it in sheetcam parking options.