Howdy from Texas

Howdy all from the Texas Hill country. Owner of a Avid Pro 5x6


West Texas is in the house, representing with an old-school 2015 CNC Router Parts 4x4.

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Hi From Illinois, here with a 2012 4x4 CNC Router Parts kit.

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We want to move to TX, my wife is from West Texas.

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CNC Router Parts 48x24 pro.

From Wylie. Hope all are doing great!

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from central texas here
avid 4896 pro

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A few Texans here I see…

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My daughter lives in San Angelo it takes me about 7 hours to drive there from the Houston area.

Pearland with a 5 x 10

Hi everyone, I’m in Katy TX!

Burleson tx. avid 5x10

Wow, a lot of Texans here! Maybe we need a map…


I second the motion for a map.

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The admin for the fb avid users page is from Texas as well. Lives not that far from me.

Big city Houston, TX checking in!

Frisco, TX here (that is a bit North of Dallas, for those wondering). I just finished building my 5 x 5…like literally just finished. I got it trammed last night and machined the spoilboard about an hour ago. Getting ready to cut my first real project!


South east michigan. Avid 48-120 pro 4hp spindle.

Hi from North Carolina owner of 4x10 with 8.7 spindle and assembling a 4th axis (finally)!

Howdy from springtown texas I am the owner of a 5x10 avid with 4hp spindle.

Houston, TX here :wave: Got my 4848 setup and working but I can’t seem to stop adjusting and tweaking it enough to get anything cut :laughing: