I have not been able to link Mach4 with LabView

I am developing a project with LabView using different G-codes and process control functions. However, when I try to link Mach4 with LabView I find no response. Although Mach3 allows me to do this, I am looking to upgrade to Mach4 and haven’t found a definitive solution.
The solution for Mach3 is found on the following NI forum website. However there are no solutions for Mach4. If any of you know any I would be more than willing to implement it. (Controller board is Ethernet Smoothstepper (ESS) and Breakout board is CRP850-00E-F01).


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My understanding is Mach4 does NOT support in-ActiveX.

The only interface provided by Mach4 is via the Lua engine or the C API, which apparently they refuse to give anyone access to for some weird reason. Been trying now for 4 years and they simply do not respond or worse, do respond telling you they reserve it for those building motion controllers… Which is exactly what I am building… So anyways. Argh!


also tried programming by Lua but I didn’t get any results.

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