Installing Automatic Tool Changer tool rack

Looking for ideas on automating the deployment of an Automatic Tool Changer tool rack for a CNC Router. Here is a video of what I have so far.

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You could use a “single acting” pneumatic cylinder like this:

To push out and draw back in the tool rack. That one I linked only has a short stroke, but they do make longer ones.

The ones on our laser deployment are “single acting” with a spring. This means they extend when you apply air, and retract when you take the air away.

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Can you provide any info about how one would go about wiring this/programming this? My main holdup about upgrading to an ATC is losing more work area and this could be awesome.

I’m still working out my setup, but Corbin has a whole series on this, here is a link to the tool setup video.

Yeah, like Brian said, it is an extension of the code I worked on. I’d need to hook up another signal to power another relay, which then would open a solenoid, which would then air-power the pneumatic cylinder like Eric listed.

Code-wise, I would add the code to this file:

At the start of the function _TryDoToolChangeFromTo it would power the relay, and at the end it would un power the relay.

For the signal hookup, I’d probably steal another one of motor 6’s outputs…like I talk about here: How to Setup an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) on an Avid CNC – Corbin's Treehouse

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Perfect–thanks @corbin !

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