Laser Rotary Work

Doing some testing on the laser working with our rotary. It works!

Now I’ve got to get some tumblers or something else interesting to engrave on.

@jjneeb I assume you’ve tried this as well?

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I hadn’t seen the corkscrew before… That’s awesome

I saw an ad for opt 30 watt, hadn’t had a chance look at it yet, but I bet you have…

You can order the 30W on their web site, but they don’t have a lot of info on the web site yet, and I have not been able to play with one yet.

Hey Brian, I broke down and ordered one today. They have a good summer sale going. My wife just got a new office cabinet, so it was only fair that I get another laser, right?

It was just a matter of time…lol Did you see any of that storm footage I posted? The Big Bang Storm 6-19-23 part 2 - YouTube I have about 90 min of footage, still going through it.

Ya, you guys get some nice storms. Ours are usually just a bunch of dirt blowing around. Of course, every once in a while you get a big one that’s not fun.

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