Mach3 touch probe

Anyone else using legacy Mach3 and having trouble with the Avid corner finder script? I just got the XYZ touch probe and trying to get it to auto zero with Avid’s archived instructions. Copy/paste/save in Edit Button Script tab then it tells me “Syntax Error” when I try to make it go but I don’t know enough about code editing to see what’s wrong… any ideas? Thanks!

I often center things up in different ways than with the touch probe, but I am using Mach-3 as my daily driver and have used the touch probe occasionally. I bought mine with the machine so it came pre-setup in the configuration script. If there is a specific file and section you can point me to go look at I am more than willing to grab that file this afternoon and compare what I’ve got in the setup here if that helps.


Thanks Kenneth, I used a v-bit to line things up for a long time too, just thinking about keeping up with the times LOL I’m starting to use more dedicated fixtures on the table now for my mandolin building and it seems like that tool would help in repeatable location when parts are always in the same place on the table? Anyway- the files I am having trouble with are on Avid’s website in the corner finder page (like if you’re going to purchase the tool) and on the bottom there’s something to click on for instructions and these are under the archived instructions part for mach3 . Thanks again!

Hey @MandolinTim , is there any chance you didn’t scroll all the way to the very bottom of the window when highlighting the text to copy / paste from theri example page?

I am assuming you are talking about step 4 part-‘c’ on the following page?

On my lunch break, I fired up the machine here, got to that screen and coppied the contents out of that button script into a text file. I also made a 2’nd .txt file from the version on the page at the link above. I used a file compare utility and it tells me that the two are identical with the exception of the comments on the very first line where one says AVID and the one I am running on my machine says CNC Router Parts. but that is just in the comments.

I suspect the issue you might be having could stem from not scrolling down far enough in that text box to highlight all of the text to copy/paste and replacing fully what was already there in the existing button?

Hope that isn’t to basic, I’m just noticing that the set provided in the directions matches what I have other than the comment line.

That’s correct step 4 C, I just re-copied the script and I’ll try it again tomorrow, it gave me the “Syntax error” before

So I finally got it to work, but I had to delete the entire first line of comments. Now it will probe but only when I load the script into VB script editor, not with the Auto tool zero button on the screen (that still doesn’t do anything) and when the Z axis starts going back up it won’t quit and maxes out the Z axis travel!! What do you think?

Does it raise up to the z-max and then stop, or does it riase up and keep going crashing and continuing to run until you stop it manually?

Keeps trying to raise up and strains at the top until I can stop it manually.