Mach4 Feed, Rapid and Spindle Overrides

Just finished build and setup of my Pro4848. Could anyone let me know how to change Avid’s Mach4 settings for Feed, Rapid, and Spindle override increments from the 25% per step to 10% increments.
Thank you in advance

They are hardcoded into the screen code for the up and down arrows, so you have to edit the code for those, which isn’t too hard.

If you haven’t done any screen editing:

Thank you Jim, that’s a very in depth video for a nube like me, but very helpful, I did manage to adjust my rapid, jog and spindle overrides, thank you. Still learning as the feed is not modified the same, so still working on that one.
Appreciate your help and great video.

There is a parameter in the Machine.ini file for the feed increments. I haven’t looked at the code for a long time to make sure it still uses that variable, but you can try changing that and see if it works.

Desc=Sets feedrate override increment percent

Modified the [iReg25] as it looks like Avid use this one now, changed the 25 to 10, save and re-opened program, no change still steps at 25%

I just looked at the latest AVID screen and I think they are changing that value with a module based on the machine configuration, so it overrides the variable in the machine.ini after you edit it.

I just pulled up the latest screen from them that I have and this is the code for the up arrow override:

– Increase Feed Rate by % set by register
local inst = mc.mcGetInstance()
local hFROinc = mc.mcRegGetHandle(inst, “iRegs0/AvidCNC/Overrides/FRO_Increment”)
local valhFROinc = mc.mcRegGetValue(hFROinc)

local CurFRO = scr.GetProperty(“droFeedRate”, “Value”)
local NewFRO = tonumber(CurFRO) + valhFROinc
local rc = mc.mcCntlSetFRO(inst, NewFRO)
–scr.SetProperty(“droFeedRate”, “Value”, tostring(NewJogRate))

If you want to hardcode the increment like the other two DRO’s, just change this:
local NewFRO = tonumber(CurFRO) + valhFROinc
to this:
local NewFRO = tonumber(CurFRO) + 10

Don’t forget to change the down arrow modify button accordingly with a minus sign.

Thank you Jim, yes this worked I now have better control of my feeds and speeds, 25% adjustments was just too much. Thank you so much for your help.

Glad you got it working. One of my favorite things about Mach4 is how easy it is to customize the screen to you own needs.