Modular bookshelf / Baltic Birch?

Just finished this modular bookshelf. Not only can I stack the creates anyway I want but if I need to move it each wooden box makes a perfect box for carrying the books.
All the parts were cut on my CNC with box joints and handle holes. Was a great 2 day design program and build.
This was the end of my 12mm Baltic birch. Anyone have suggestions on the best replacement since it is getting impossible to obtain right now?


Firstly, those are great! What software did you design them in?

Secondly, I know the pain of not being able to get baltic anymore… There does seem to be a decent alternative:

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I use both Fusion 360 and Aspire based on what I am doing.
For this project used Aspire and the Box Creator gadget. The gadget works great however you do need to keep track of a couple tricks to make it work well.