My Avid Y axis stutters

We are using the machine to flatten slabs with a 4 inch router bit. After flattening many slabs, the machine began stuttering. You could see one side of the gantry move and the other, hung up. The gantry could not be moved manually, so we replaced the bearings. We thought we had solved the problem! Flattened one side of a slab and started the other side when the same thing happened. This time the gears and pinions were replaced, as well as the belts. Tension was adjusted per Avid instructions. Thought it was fixed when we could flatten one side of the slab beautifully and began the other side. This time it is not obvious which side of the gantry is hanging up. This happens when running the Vectric software, but it also happens when moved manually. So…replaced the ethernet cable, and thought it was fixed AGAIN Like before, we flattened one side of the slab, and the machine hung up on the other side. So here we are again, with the machine stuttering. Can’t move it manually, but in every instance, the machine homes smoothly.

Avid Support has had me run DXDiag on my PC, and it checks out. Ran the WIndows Performance again, and that seems to have checked out.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

I am no expert…however I did encounter this when I got the machine.
I got in touch with Avid and it turned out it was my i3 laptop that I was trying to run Mach4 on. I replaced it with an old i5 desktop and had no problems since.

Before I used the desktop and laptop I had it completely wiped out and a fresh new windows install.
why not loosen and remove the belts and try to run the program to see what the motor does…then you would atleast know if it is mechanical issue or not.

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