NEMA 34 Wiring for 240V

I am assembling a new PRO60120 and just finished running a 30A, 240V outlet for the NEMA kit and the S30C.

How is everyone wiring this for 240V? The plug on the box looks to be a C13 so I would need something to take a L3-30R to a C13?

Just browsing around got me this result

Do you have two cabinets?
One main control & one for the spindle?
The C13 plug should be for the main control cabinet & the L3-30R for the spindle.
The main control cabinet requires 120V/220V, 12A/6A circuit.
Spindle control cabinet requires 30A 220V circuit.

I run my 60120 / NEMA 34 machine using 220/240 volts.

In the controller are switches on each power supply to make them 240v.

I use this to plug in my controller;

DISCLAIMER: Call the factory on which switches to flip!!!

New PSUs are auto-switching - no external switches to flip. The older silver PSUs did have switches to flip.

That and I am sure a heck of a lot smaller.

Yes, this is correct.