New Spindle VFD on DIY build

So, I recently purchased the Avid Benchtop Pro 2436, and did my own controller and outfitted the machine with Clearpath Servos and MB3 controller running Mach4. I have been running a cheap Chinese spindle and VFD but just purchased the Avid Hiteco Spindle/VFD package. Because my controller build is DIY, I have some concerns on how I need to hook it up. My 1st goal is to have it just operate under non-cnc control. I noticed the motor wiring, and I understand the U V W wiring (3 phase) and the 220 going in, but the plug has 2 more wires to the controller. 1 going to DCM (Digital Ground), and 1 going to MI3. My 1st thought is this is the wiring for the over temp sensor on the spindle. Am I correct in this assumption?