New Owner Software questions

Hello All

My new 48 pro just showed up here. Will be trying to get it put together in the next week.

On the Mach 4 I bought a new lap top to run the cnc. I have a desk top in the house for the ventric. My question is can one down load the ventric to both computers Incase when I travel I can have access to my ventric? I know one should not run both programs at the same time when you are running the cnc. Please let me you what you think. Also how dose one download the v care on to 2 computers? Can one even do that ? Thanks again

I believe Vectric’s licensing allows you to do this. I’d double check with them to be sure. Worst case you’ll have to sign in on one computer, sign out and the sign in on the other computer.

Thank you for the information

To my knowledge they allow 3 devices for installation at 1 time. I have 2 laptops under the same license, one at home and 1 that is the machine control. Very handy to have it available in the shop.

You can install on 3 machines per license, and everything is local on each machine (so you don’t need an internet connection just to use it), and all 3 reference the same login at Vectric for downloads and other support.

As the others have said, V-Carve works without being logged in, but please remember that Mach 4 doesn’t like other network traffic happening while it is running a toolpath.

So, if you do choose to login to Vectric on the same laptop, remember to shut it down and then disable your network connection to the “world” (keep the one that Mach4 uses to talk to the Avid!).

Thank you all for the help. This is why I chose the Avid over the others. Help is just a few clicks away. Going to start unboxing the 48 Pro this weekend and start the build. I have new shop that I have been working also. Going to hang lights tonight.