Oromask; Anyone/Everyone using it while carving?

What’s the consciences here? Useful or too much trouble getting all the pieces off and then what’s the best way to get the sticky stuff off?

I use it for most of my v-carve pieces. Works great and doesn’t leave any residue. It needs a smooth surface to adhere. It saves me a bunch of time paintin my v-carve pieces.

I’ve used it some. Works fine, not hard to get off. It curled up a little on me so maybe a down cutting bit would solve that. It was MDF for that project.

Totally different experience here. I sealed my walnut wood with lacquer sanding sealer, gave it a good 24 hours to dry, then I applied the oramask which went on easy enough, definitely stuck well, but when I took it off, there was sticky crap everywhere on my project. I spent hours cleaning it off, which ended up causing some smearing to my paint job. it was a pain in the you know what! Surely I didn’t do something proper.

Hey Gordo,
I didn’t have any issues with the oromask pulling up, but I did use down cut bits.

Works great. I always finish with a couple coats (paint, laquer, poly, whatever) before I put it on on so it sticks well. I’ve never had it be hard to get off or leave residue.

You need to seal the area you Vcarve in before painting to prevent bleeding under the oramask and through the grain.

Use sharp Vcarve or down cut bits. NEVER use upcut.

If you have a really detailed scene, it can take a while to get all the little pieces off. I like to use a sharp utility knife to get under the edge and lift off the pieces.

Hey Jim,
I assume you just peel it off? I’ve thought about using my heat gun to try and soften the glue, but haven’t tried it yet, I simply lifted the edge with my weeding tool and started peeling. Sounds like I’m going about it in the right way, but…
I bought the brand, “Oramask 813” stencil film, off Amazon. I also assume that’s the correct one.
Thanks for the responses, guys.

Yep, thats the one I use. I think there are a couple other brands, but I haven’t tried them since this one seems to work well.

Ya, I just peel it off. The hard part is getting it started on all the little parts sometimes, especially since I tend to chew my fingernails down too short :slight_smile:

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Jim, check out a “weeding” tool online. 3 or 4 bucks, made just for picking laminate off a surface! Works great on those little pieces, and much easier on my finger tips than my exacto knife was.

One more idea I’ve used a lot is to vcarve 5 thow deeper in project pc . then apply paint spray or brush, then mull off 5thow less work and leaves very clean vcarve lines.

I like that idea Harold! That could work well for several things.

Yes Eyedoc1701 i’ve been using method for many types off project for over 15 years. The time is saved when trying to remove and reface mask thats lifted before painted. I don’t do a lot of hand sand ,I just run flat work through drum sander.