V-Bit Question on speed for new bit

I’ve been doing some v-carvingusong a 60 degree bit. Speed is 24"/min @ 15k RPM. And it seems to be working really well.

I’ve got a 15 degree Amana bit coming. Which is much smaller. How much do you think I should slow down my 24" speed to take a first pass at this? I don’t want to go too slow and burn up a $60 bit. And not too fast such that it would break.

Walnut wood. Carving 0.15 deep.



Hi @wbest, is it this one?

There’s a feeds & speeds pdf linked on that page:

It says 50 to 125 ipm at 18k RPM for a 1/4" DOC in hardwoods, so probably you’ll be fine with your current settings. It is a narrower cut than a 60 deg bit at the same depth, so it doesn’t have to remove as much material. You could start lower and work your way up to find a setting you’re comfortable with.

Thanks for the update. I didn’t see that link at the bottom of the page. I wish Whiteside did something similar. The Amana doc gives you exactly what you are looking for.

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