Where do like to get your bits from?

And also do you prefer coatings or no coatings?

Thanks Jeff

I get the bulk of mine from centurion tool, and a few odd ones from Amazon in whatever shape I’m after. Never used any coating on tools so don’t have a preference there.

For some bits design matters. For example V bits and planing bits. The Amanas I have for those cut a lot better than others I’ve tried.

For straight bits and tapered ball nose, I find it really doesn’t matter that much for me as long as its not some dirt cheap price from china (like a $8 0.25" end mil). I don’t run production on mine, so I just don’t go through enough of them to tell the difference in lifetime, so I pretty much only care about cut quality. for simple bits I like Bits&Bits, and Whiteside, but I’ve had good luck with SpeTool on Amazon as well.

When i bought my machine I bought the set from avid and the 2in fly cutter i didn’t even know what a fly cutter was :rofl:

For wood, Toolstoday.com for all my Amana stuff. Amazon or whomever is cheapest for Whiteside.

Lakeshore Carbide for aluminum cutting bits.

I second the SPE bits, surprisingly good for the price, else Amana for bits I know will get heavy use, such as Amana 3/8 EM and 3/8 BN

Most of my bits now are from RIP cnc tools, then Whiteside, Spetool and Amana.

We use mostly Amana and some Whiteside. All from a local distributor with $1 shipping:

I am a little less than 1 hour away so we usually get stuff next day or in 2 days.

I’ve been pretty impressed with the new bits I have gotten from high country tools. Super reasonable pricing as well for coated bits that perform as well as my bits from amana.

Just tossing in my opinion, and I think I’ll try a lot of the things that people already posted.

Amana & Whiteside: seems good for wood.

Lakeshore Carbide are good for steel/aluminum machining.

Amana are pretty pricey, especially from ToolsToday, which seems to do the most business. Hard part for me is that ToolsToday seems to be on the east coast and I’m closer to the west coast, so shipping takes longer.

I’ve been trying some bits from 2L Inc ( https://www.2linc.com ) . I couldn’t find a 1/4" ball nose bit with the depth I needed…and they custom added one for the size I wanted, and it has been working pretty well! The price is pretty decent, and you can sometimes find discounts.

I’m not sure if the coating really makes a difference. I’d love to see some videos comparing the two with fresh unused bits, same feeds and speeds in the same wood.


I’ve bought several bits from Garret at IDCWoodcraft and they seem to be reasonably priced, good quality as far as this noobie to machining can tell.
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