Where do like to get your bits from?

And also do you prefer coatings or no coatings?

Thanks Jeff

I get the bulk of mine from centurion tool, and a few odd ones from Amazon in whatever shape I’m after. Never used any coating on tools so don’t have a preference there.

For some bits design matters. For example V bits and planing bits. The Amanas I have for those cut a lot better than others I’ve tried.

For straight bits and tapered ball nose, I find it really doesn’t matter that much for me as long as its not some dirt cheap price from china (like a $8 0.25" end mil). I don’t run production on mine, so I just don’t go through enough of them to tell the difference in lifetime, so I pretty much only care about cut quality. for simple bits I like Bits&Bits, and Whiteside, but I’ve had good luck with SpeTool on Amazon as well.

When i bought my machine I bought the set from avid and the 2in fly cutter i didn’t even know what a fly cutter was :rofl:

For wood, Toolstoday.com for all my Amana stuff. Amazon or whomever is cheapest for Whiteside.

Lakeshore Carbide for aluminum cutting bits.

I second the SPE bits, surprisingly good for the price, else Amana for bits I know will get heavy use, such as Amana 3/8 EM and 3/8 BN