To Clean Or Not To Clean

What is the general consensus on this? Should the grease damn be cleaned off often or should it be left as a preclean to the rubber wipe? Pics attached,

current project

I’ve not worked with this species of wood before it is Afrormosia, afromosia, African teak. I’ve no idea where this wood comes from, any ideas?

I clean the globs of grease off otherwise they fall on the workpeice, usually after running a 10 hour finishing pass on something like that last supper carving :slight_smile:

I just finished it a hour or so ago. here is 1st coat of shellac

As for the grease I used to clean it every 20 days (I’ve had Alexa reminding me for years now) and it has dropped on projects, but now I just leave it and when it falls off now it will be covered in saw dust…

Very nice. I really like cherry with this model. Did you hit the chair/table legs with a woodburner or something? I like the accent.

I did the legs with the laser, perfect example why I need a beam that can be focused at different heights, look the earth may be flat, but my 3d carves are not. Lol. As for the table legs I thought it was too much, this one is going to the special Olympics auction at the end of this month. I thought it was to dark, you think it is ok?


I like it.

Did you project the laser toolpath on top of the 3d model, or just run it flat?

I was going to make the rafters darker so I traced a toolpath and setup the laser and did a trial run on cardboard and using your PP and projecting on 3d it work fine, but when trying on the real thing and crashing… I moved to NO Z and did the legs.

Ya, there is so much trial and error when dialing in laser settings it’s scary to run that on a peice that you have 15hrs of milling on already.

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