White Oak Floor Lamps

My PRO 4824 had been on my “buy list” for many years. Last year I pulled the trigger so my kids can grow up with this type of tool around, hopefully it rubs off on them like the tools did for me that my Dad had around his shop. I can’t build without my CNC now. Absolutely the best investment I’ve made for my personal shop. My Wife say I should try to make money with it one day, for now, I’m content. Thanks AVID CNC!


Those lamps are amazing. Beyond that it’s so cool that you’re thinking that way about your kids.

Growing up my father wasn’t all that handy with tools, but my grandfather was. We worked on lawnmowers together, did carpentry, electrical, and worked on cars. My grandfather knew how to fix just about anything.

He’s been gone for many years but I have so many of the memories and his tools. Not a day goes by in the shop that I don’t use one of his tools that I learned on as a kid.


Wow, those are really nice. How are the three legs held together?

Thank you. I used a hexagonal aluminum extrusion. Hand routed a 120 deg V slot into the inside face of each leg. Drilled and tapped the extrusion. It was an elegant solution on the computer but not as easy as I originally hoped for. All in all, it worked.

Did you do the legs on a rotary or were those all cut flat?

Those things are some kinda HOT!
What a wonderful build. Would you be open to sharing your files, here or on DM? I totally understand either way. These are wonderfully done - thanks for the share!

I did those flat. They’re two piece legs if you look closely. I wanted to minimize material drop and didn’t want to do an angled setup on my 4824. I cut a rabbit into them and then used brass pins with glue to secure them to one another. I do have an AVID rotary, but I’m having too much fun at the moment working with my current set up. I don’t want to go through another learning curve. One day I will.

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Yeah it did…very ingenius idea.