Pro 5x10 build w/ custom... everything?

I’ve been poking at this build for the last month or three, in my spare time. It’s been taking so long because there are a few aspects I’m doing custom:

  • I’m using linuxcnc, so I get to do the electronics package myself
  • I’m using cncdepot’s S30C spindle, but… linuxcnc… so I’m doing all those electronics and pneumatics myself too
  • I’m using my own BLDC servos and custom build driver board, so even more electronics that get to be done myself (I’m an EE if you can’t tell :wink: plus custom 3D printed gears.
  • I’m building a mirror image of the 5x10 - all the wiring is on the left instead of the right, which has caused a few “take it out and do it again” moments.
  • I’m using constant tension springs to offset the spindle, since the servos won’t hold without power and a brake seemed overkill.

I’m keeping a photo journal here: but there’s no descriptions on any of those, so feel free to ask questions here :slight_smile:

That should be an interesting build. I haven’t used LinuxCNC since I used it on a PocketNC (now Penta machines).

I did like it when I used it. Have you used it on any other builds or is this your first try?

Also, if you want to post pictures here you’re welcome to. We have pretty generous storage so you’re welcome to upload as many as you’d like. You can put them on your original post and update it as needed too…

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This is my second LinuxCNC machine, the first is at - no surprise - - and yes it’s made of WOOD. It was quite a learning experience, but I’ve outgrown it. That one used the parallel port. This one will use a Mesa 7i76E card. I work for Red Hat so I kinda gotta use our own software :wink:

As for photos, I’ve got 14 out of 72 terabytes of local storage assigned to that web server, and photo journals of my many many projects. I’m all set :slight_smile: (but I"ll inline photos in the future, when specific to the topic, I suppose)

For the curious, an update… Finally figured out enough FreeCAD along with tunings of the electronics and software, to cut my first spoilboard:

It’s not 5x10 but by the time I need that I’ll probably be on my second spoilboard :slight_smile: Also leaving room for ATC’s tool rack and will eventualy add a rotary axis somewhere, and a vertical table. This spoilboard is enough for my immediate needs.

Also discovered the hard way (almost, I caught it before cutting anything) that the racks are not metric, despite measuring 4mm per tooth… turns out they’re pi/20 inches per tooth, which is 3.9898mm, despite everything else on this machine being metric.

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