Probing (not the Alien kind...) - advice?

Can anyone recommend a decent digitizing probe? I want to do some surface mapping and perimeter mapping of some fairly simple parts.

Initial research has let me to this probe:
And a wizard such as this: Probe-It! Mach3 Wizard – CraftyCNC (mostly to make it easy for perimeter probing of 2D parts) - I need to get the probe data in DXF.

I’m using Mach 3 and I have the Avid Plug and Play NEMA 34 controller with an open Aux port to connect the probe.

I just ran across this post by mistake. I use the s5000led and it’s been really solid.

It is NC so you cannot use a port splitter and use it in conjunction with the AvidCNC touch-off sensor.

Personally, I can’t use a CNC without a probe. It’s right up there with calipers that have a USB interface. You have no idea the pain you cause yourself by NOT having those simple tools.