Question for CNCDepot S30 owners with new AvidCNC tram and mounts


This morning I downloaded the new STP files for the tram and mounting plates from AvidCNC and added it to my dust manifold project. Turns out the mount is a great deal wider and the tram plate much taller than my 2019 version.

Does anyone have the S30 mounted to this new hardware? These would be the ones listed as 3 and 4 HP spindle tram plates and mounts.

I have that. See:

Ah! Thank you very much!

I assume you mounted the tramming plate the 96mm (3-3/4") from the bottom?

The base mounting plate is 3" from the bottom, the tramming plate is 2.5". I moved it down a bit from the recommended height so that the Z carriage would clear the tool forks.

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