Relaying the Vacuum Table

Hi all. Just added a black box hurricane to my setup and would like to power it through Relay 1 in Mach 4. The Avid controller Relay 1 only is rated for 15 amps whereas the Hurricane will pull 30 amp. So I would like to use relay 1 to power an external relay that will start the Hurricane.

Can anyone point me to an appropriate relay that will take 120 v from relay 1 to power a coil to trigger a 240 v 30 amp power Hurricane vacuum system?


Look for a solid state relay, just be sure to add the heat sink if it requires one. Similar to these just select your voltages for input and output.

Packard - DP301202 C230B 2 Pole 30 Amp Contactor, 120 Voltage Coil

This is the one I used.

Thank you so much for sharing

It’s about 28 amps is running power for those 4 motors, full load (no vacuum). Obviously the amps lower the more of a vacuum they pull but I would give them a slow blow 30 amp socket all to their own. Expect about 48 amp peaks when you hit that power switch.

If you can get a soft start or a stagger start would be better.

My fear is that power spike will fry the more sensitive stuff I have on the same circuit.

Its actually the opposite (which isn’t intuitive). With full air flow (no restriction), the fan is doing work, and with full restriction there is no airflow and therefore no work being done. That screeming noise that a shop vac makes when plugged is not because its doing more work, its because it is not doing work and now can speed up its rpm’s to as fast as the bearings will allow. My 2hp DC pulls 11A when unrestricted at the impeller input, and about 9 when plugged.

Hmmm :thinking: I think we said the same thing, actually :grin:

So two motor brands I sell are Teknic and Ametek Lamb motors. Ametek hates me because I just do not sell enough to be a distributor so I am constantly begging for mercy not to be dropped :rofl:

I believe the Hurricane, which is manufactured about 25 minutes away from me in Alpharetta Georgia (I am in Kennesaw) utilizes one of the 7.2" tangential-bypass motors from Lamb. I can never get the same answer from folks when I ask the specific model so I believe they change every so often.

The motors I use are the 8.4" Lamb 122178-18. Attached is the specs sheet for the motor. Truly a monster motor for those of us who have monster sized 5x10 tables.

12217818.pdf (253.3 KB)

PS. In-rush current is always higher on these motors, maybe that was what @jjneeb didn’t understand. The peak in-rush on the 4 x 8.4" motors is as high as 48 amps. So even with the 7.2" you need a slow blow fuse. 4 motors 30 amp slow blow is perfect.

Ugh, you are right. I had a bout of dislexia tonight apparently (I even read it twice :-)).

Ya, the inrush is going to be higher on anything that has a large mass to spin up unless they’ve done something to mitigate that (like soft start). My 24" bandsaw only pulls less than 20A when its cutting, but it will pull 110A for a couple hundred mS at startup. I had to put a 40A circuit on it just to get the damn thing turned on.

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Well, I didn’t help you by using the correct terminology. So its really my bad. I am not much of an electrical engineer and can get confused at times :confused:

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