Rotary axis homing 20 degrees different than it used to

Last night working on a 4th axis job and I stalled the spindle, no worries the vfd sent the stop command instantly. I rehomed all and I noticed the A axis homed near the flag but not where it used to. So if you have something square in the chuck it is no longer square to the spindle. A reboot did not change anything.

So is it tripping the sensor in the wrong position? Like if you jog the A around, will the sensor trip correctly, or is it more like its adding an offset to the place where the sensor found the flag? There is a backoff setting in the homing setup that can back off and reset the location from where the sensor actually tripped.

Ok Problem solved thanks to Jim Neeb with some messaging back and forth. So not only would the “A” axis not home in the same location as usual it would only turn in one direction. I checked all the cables power cycled everything to no avail. The fix was a recommended reseating of the BOB and ESS ribbon cables and just like that the fix was in.

Big thanks to Jim and thanks to Avid for this forum.
Now back to what I was working on…