Rotary Problem Assist!

Hello all! I just got done assembling and installing the rotary attachment on the Pro table. Needsome help!

I’ve gone through all the calibration steps and get my offset and all set.

I went into Mach4 and I can move x, y, z, and spin A.

I went into VCarve Pro and setup a 1.5x6" project and then used the rounding toolpath widget to create g-code to test everything out.

I went to the machine, zero’ed y, and z. Moved X to where I wanted and zero’d there. Then I loaded the program and pressed play. But rather than spinning the motor it is moving the gantry in the y directions.

Can someone tell me what I did wrong?


You need to use a rotary post processor for Vcarve. It will have wrap X or wrap Y in the name, depending on the orientation of your A axis on the machine.
This toolpath substitutes Y movement with A rotation

Thanks. You would think it would apply that automatically since you selected rotary project.


No, there are many different post processors for specific machines, and different situations. You can make your own custom PPs too, so it really can’t know what you want to do, so you have to select the right one.

If you have 11+ versions of VCarve/Aspire the posts you need are already included. If you’re running something older they can be found here: