S30C spin direction

Greetings! Can the S30C spin either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the bit, or is it only set up to spin in one direction only?


The spindle itself can go in either direction. The controller might be wired up to only support the “go forward” command though, but all the controllers I’ve seen supported reversing.

I bought the package from CNCdepot that is set up for Avid machines using the Avid spindle control box and I’m using Mach4.

Send them a note and ask, then. They’re very helpful.

I didn’t get the turnkey kit from them as I’m not running mach4 or Avid’s electronics so I had to wire mine up myself.

Or just try it. The Gcodes are:

M3 S1000 - run clockwise
M4 S1000 - run counter-clockwise
M5 - stop

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The only thing the S and F series don’t like is being driven faster than they are rated. Otherwise they supposedly can do 1 rpm to whatever max depending on the model. You lose any kind of torque the motor had under 6000 RPM though from what I understand.

As @djdelorie said, check with the factory.

Do check out the new break in and warm up procedures. If you sign my contract for your soul I “might” give you a copy of my g-code for the warm up and break in.

Oh wow, I didn’t know there were new procedures, thanks for pointing that out! I got mine a year ago and have hardly used it. I’m nearly done setting up the ATC. Once I finish setting the tool heights/offsets I’ll hopefully be good to go. I’d love the g-code if you don’t mind :grin:

Hmmm, can’t blame me if it blows up your spindle though.

Yours is in fact the S30C? If you run my script on the S30 you will fry it.

I guess I could write one for the little 18k job…

Alex was all grumpy when I asked him if he wanted my scripts. I think he intends this process to be manual out of fear of people walking away in the middle of it and frying their spindles.

Haha! No worries, I can write it. I just figured if you already had one then it’d save me a little time. All good and I appreciate the offer. Not sure where you get 18K though as the S30C is 24k.

Do I get my soul back on a technicality?

Yes, the S30C has a max of 24k but the S30 does not. The S30 is only 18k. The break in and warm up are based on the maximum RPM for the spindle. So if you ran the S30C break in script on the S30 you would eventually fry the ceramic bearing and it could fail early.

That is why it’s dangerous handing out scripts to folks. You can’t guarantee they are fully aware of their equipment and the differences between similarly named components.

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What interests you in a LH spin?

Sorry, I don’t know specifically about the Avid package, but I can’t resist pasting this here.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: CNC Depot spindledepot@gmail.com
Date: Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 11:35 AM
Subject: Re: Left-hand rotation
To: Stephen Thrasher


Yes, our spindles can run in both directions. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Alex Burt
CNC Depot

On Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 8:09 AM Stephen Thrasher wrote:

Hi CNC Depot,

Do your FM and S series spindles spin in both directions?


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#1. I’m a newb with the CNC so I’m always appreciative of being schooled. :slight_smile:
I have some bits that appear to require an opposing spin based on the spiral direction of the bit vs the others I have.

The spin direction is controlled by the VFD but the Avid controller only has a single output signal set up for telling the VFD to spin and it is connected to the FWD connection on the VFD. I have a number of left-hand cutting bits and wanted to use them on my Avid machine. A little smokey when I tried one with an M4 but the spindle was still spinning clockwise. Oops.

After a call to Avid (the response was: why would you want to spin CCW?)…

I added some relays and a few mods to the M4 macro and some screen additions. So, long story short; it can be done but not without a little work.

A simple work-around it to add a toggle switch to the RUN line that goes to the VFD and manually toggle between the VFD FWD and REV pins. Works fine as long as you don’t forget to switch it. M3 and M4 will both spin in whatever direction your toggle switch is set to (as with a factory system). Good luck!

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My confusion was Upcut vs Downcut visuals were throwing me off. This site was helpful in straightening me out.

The latest confusion though is if I need to set my spindle to CW because it’s CCW now? It appears that the cutting surface wouldn’t cut into the material going CW unless I’m missing a factor in the process? I’m using Bits&Bits compression and, up and down cut bits. I’m also using Fusion 360 for toolpaths.

Can anyone help straighten my brain? Thanks!

For starters, put a plain old straight fluted bit in there, set it to a low speed, and watch it to see which way it’s turning. CW vs CCW depends on which way you’re looking at it, so verify!

Up cut, down cut, compression. Makes no difference to the standard rotation of the bit. 99% of the bits out there are clockwise cutting. Looking down at the work you should see your bit turning clockwise. If your spindle is turning counter clockwise it is wired incorrectly. Just two output wires reversed on the VFD will do that.

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Additional note. I seem to remember when I went from the standard Avid supplied to the S30 I did need to reverse the VFD output wires. Very easy to do. Just swap two of the three wires

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That did it. Referencing from the bit to the workpiece shows it is turning CW.
I appreciate the help, thanks!

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Huh, I just plugged in and turned it on :thinking:

We are all noobs. Just keep your body parts away from the spinning blades of death and death rays and you will be ok. :grin:

Ya, I learned that lesson the hard way by almost losing a finger. I’m way to ADD to be doing this lol. In my defense I had some superb noise cancelling headphones on and didn’t hear the spindle rotating at 24k RPM when I tried to insert a tool… Speaking of which, it’s unreal that it isn’t coded to not allow operation of the drawbar while the spindle is on. Anyone got lua for that? :wink:

*With the CNCDepot turnkey package I also had to swap the VFD wires. I about melted a bit and nearly started a fire figuring that one out. The joys of learning to CNC mill.