Stopping on circles

so I run 2 CNC machines, a 4X8 Avid with a 3 horse and a small shopbot with probably 3/4 horse… I use the shopbot on small inlays and circles, the avid doesn’t make nice small circles .5 or .25 etc. After reading a lot on the subject the only thing I can find that comes close to the issue is that the large machine is moving so much mass it can’t stop. I notice that when the shopbot comes to a turn or is cutting holes it slows before it gets there… is this a function of their custom software? (I use Vectric as CAD for both machines, the larger machine, running on mach4 is a txt file) I some door to make that will require inlays, and gotta figure this out otherwise I will need to make some cuts on the Avid some on the SB… tanks,