Took the plunge at custom molding profiling

New to this forum :metal:

I’ve had my Avid 48x96 for about 3 years, making various projects on it when needed. Usually, it’s a flat surface in my garage where um… stuff… gets piled up on it :thinking:.

I’m a carpenter by trade, and most of the time, there’s not much need for this machine as my jobs consume a bunch of my time.

A very good long-time customer of mine wanted me to make him a small custom black walnut mantle for his den. The proportion he was looking for was not anything close to what I could buy, and to top it off, he wanted it to be his own design. I told him that his choices for a custom mantle would get quite expensive, but he insisted that he wanted it done and didn’t care about the cost :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

So after he gave me a “napkin” drawing of how he wanted the “under the mantle crown mold” to look like I set out to clear and dust off my machine.

I’ve matched old (no longer in production) moldings on it before where I only needed less than 8’ to complete a job

but this was the first time making a custom, customer designed, off of a “napkin” drawing, molding on it.

This is the profile of the molding he agreed to in VCarve (sorry, I couldn’t find a pic of his napkin drawing).

Rendering of it

Finish product.

Short video uploaded to YT.

This was a nice change of pace for me and really enjoyed making this for him. He was more than pleased with the results.

Now if I could do this type of work on the regular I would only need to mak 2 a month :thinking::pray:.


Nice job man! That looks great. If you don’t mind my asking, what how big of step-over did you use between each pass and how long was the total run time?

ditto to the above - that’s an impressively smooth finish. Can you tell us what endmills you used as well?

Thanks :blush: da-kengineer-meister

IIRC my step over was .004, IPM 250, and RPM @ 22,000.

My reasoning for running it like I did was out of pure laziness as I didn’t want to have to do any/minimal sandining.

As you can see, mission accomplished :sunglasses:

I didn’t really time how long it took, but it was like 3½~4 hours of runtime.


Bernmc This is the cutter I used


That looks awesome!

I’ve had my Avid for about the same amount of time. Pittsburgh is full of 19th century homes with all kinds of complicated moldings like that and I’ve need to reproduce pieces from time to time.

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Nice! Been meaning to try this!