Touch plate not centering work piece

Hi everyone, I have the Avid Benchtop Pro 2436 and I am using the touch plate to position my pieces of wood on the table (XYZ), when I do the cutout with all toolpaths on a 3D model or probably any model it is about 1/4" off to the left in the X axis. Here is a roughing toolpath picture of what I mean. How can I fix this Thanks Tim

hi @misterx, welcome to the forum!

I’ve found incorrect positioning happens in one of three places. Two of them seem to be covered in the Troubleshooting Auto Z Touch Plate - Troubleshooting

The other is if you tell your CAM software (like VCarve?) that your piece of stock is 8" wide but it’s really 7.75" wide.

Often after probing, I still move the tool to (0,0,0) to make sure the point is pointing where I expect it to point…


And make sure you are setting your bit width in mach 4 when you zero.

I do that , and also jog around the toolpath on the view window and watch where the bit is on all four sides just to make sure the toolpath will cut in the right place wrt the workpiece.

This is the one that will get you every time. Setting a .25" bit and having a .125" bit in the machine will throw you off just a tad every time.

Thanks, but it is a .25" bit and was set at .25". Thanks Again

OK well we have thrown a bunch of stuff out there. How about you do a test setup and take pics of everything you are setting. Show us exactly what you are doing because 20 questions is going to take forever.

What cad/cam program are you using and have you previewed all your toolpaths recently maybe there’s something wrong there?

Thanks David, that is what I was doing my piece was 9.5" wide and I was putting down 9.125 because both sides of the X side had a .25" Round over, and I was trying to not cut on the round over part and thought it would center it in the piece! I just put in 9.5" for the X and tried it and it was even on both sides. I just make Shure that I put the model in with .25" showing on both sides of the preview now so I don’t cut into the round over. Thanks for all the help, everyone!

Right on! Looks like the start of an interesting piece.