Touch plate wiring

Im looking for wiring diagram for the touchplate. Thought 2 wires were broken and took apart. Have no idea where any of these wires go. Anyone know where i csn find them. Sent to suppprt but kind of hoping. Thankd

This may be of some help: Schematics - CNC Controller Technical Manual

The touch plate just makes a connection between NO and GND.

The magnet helps get the connection from the bit to the plate.

On mine, black screws to the body of the touch plate, and blue goes to the magnet. I think the red on yours goes to the magnets so it just have been pulled out of the ferrule?

It looked like the blue wire was wrapped around the spring. The red was entirely encapsulated in a shrinkwrap. I’m not sure what to do with the blue wire and I’m guessing the 2 cut wires are just not used.

Ya, there are one or two wires that aren’t used. Its a 2 wire system. The black screws to the inside of the body for sure. There shouldn’t be any thing wrapped around the spring.

You can test it by touching the blue wire to the body (assuming you’ve screwed the black one with the eye terminal onto the body already). If that causes the probe light to light up on the diagnostics tab on the mach4 screen, then the blue is the one that shoudld be connected to the magnet.

Thanks. The magnet is attached to the end of the red wire. Black is screwed to housing. So the blue wire should be connected to what? The red wire with the magnet on it?

Yes, I believe so blue to red. Like I said, you can test that by touching the blue to the body of the touchplate to see if it triggers the probe led. It looks like they were connected by that crimp connector and it just got pulled out.

Thanks. I will try that.