Under-gantry lighting

Over time, several people (@Googs @Eric @dovetail65 @BlueLineCNC and others)have suggested adding some under gantry lighting. Forum link to discussion & photos

Here two weekends back I finally got around to adding this to my machine and it makes a pretty big difference. I’m using generic low voltage (12vdc) commercially available under cabinetry lighting. (eBay) The only reason I went with this instead of just throwing some LED strips under there was for the enclosures that I can wipe off. On the plasma side (with lots of piercing) the bottom of the gantry tends to get pretty wet. Having this minimal protection goes a long way to keep the salts and water off of the LED strips.

Yup, just trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, and at the same time, fully appreciating why they did it. In the two weeks since the lighting was installed, 4 projects have been knocked out on the machine and it does make a significant difference.