Universal Engraver 5' x 5' machine Modified

I had purchased a universal engraver CNC + laser setup about almost 2 years ago, i modified the unit to handle a dewalt router, i have been trying to figure out a way i can actually mount the unit with better support for the router so it is not slightly tilting due to the weight of the router.
Unit has been working properly since i’ve had it, however i am now noticing that the unit maybe due to the board is acting a little weird, supposed to be loose to be able to move the rail up, down, side etc… seems to be acting like it is in cut mode all the time and can’t figure out what is causing this.
The board is i believe an Audrino board, i can probably get more specs if i researched a little better.
Now i purchased this unit before i did more in depth research into the DIY CNC machines and would have loved to jump into the middle end of the machines.

Having said all that, hopefully someone can help me with troubleshooting the issues.

Thank you for your time.



I identify with your feeling : “and would love to have jumped into the middle end of the machines.”

The best advice I’ve ever gotten was from a fella named Chris who teaches highschool in NY. He said, “buy a machine that you can grow into, not one that you are already comfortable with, you’ll just get bored and frustrated.”

I’ve built three shops now, and I’d challenge you to heed Chris’s advice. Sell that all in one setup to a beginner, and take the next step in your CNC journey.

Just let them know that it needs some love!

Ok, i have fixed the issues with the board and setup, now i am running into an issue with cuts, Mr. Auggy thank you for that and i am def going to move into the next phase, however right now would not be the best time financially to make that jump. Plus this kind of gets me the in and outs on how to build and setup until i am ready to make that next plunge.
I am having issues with my dewalt 611 on my new z axis mount trying to cut a 23" round, yeah a simple and easy cut, however what i am experiencing is that once the router tries to make that turn on the circle it seems to kind of jog or struggle to cut. The unit is equipped with rubber belts i believe to be 6 or 8mm i am not sure if this is the problem but maybe the belt is giving? i don’t know but i would love the help if anyone else can offer the assistance.

Belts are very difficult to deal with when you introduce cutting loads. Most belt-driven machines are limited to laser and 3D printing purposes for this exact reason. The only advice I can offer is to reduce your cut depth by half, reducing load, until you find a solution that works without the belts slipping.

The router is sagging and the belts are slipping. My hat is off to you for not lighting the whole thing on fire.

Lol, yeah that has crossed my mind a few times lol.
I will try the reduction on the cut and see if that helps, haven’t had that issue prior which I find strange .