Vacuum honeycomb table for laser cutting

I added vacuum to my laser cutting honeycomb table as a hold down. It turned out to also work well as an air assist and kept my garage smoke free.


Jim – I posted this on the Avid and Opt Facebook groups as well – Here’s the laser table that I came up with piggybacking on your idea.

It’s about 24" x 36" x 4" tall and has two 2-1/2" dust ports wye’d to a 4" hose which will vent direct to outside via a 2hp Jet dust collector blower.

On the interior of the table, I’ve got three 1/8" x 3/4" aluminum bar cross members notched around the honeycomb frame so that it’s in direct contact with the bottom of the honeycomb in order to counteract the deflection from both the weight of the honeycomb and the vacuum. I laminated a sheet of aluminum to the interior bottom surface in the event that I ever add a laser with enough focal length to get there. If/when I add a higher than 15W laser to my setup, I may have to angle my laser head slightly to keep the laser from reflecting off of the aluminum and back into the lens. I cut 7/8" holes in each of the plexiglass windows and used a small bit of clear silicone in the corners to hold them in place.



Already saw it over there :grin: Very nice job. Looks a lot better than my rebuild job.

Thats nice honeycomb. So much more choice on Amazon than when I built mine. Is that aluminum or stainless steel?

I believe it’s galvanized steel. I fastened it in the casework with screws so it can easily be replaced if it takes a beating from the laser over time.

Good. Mine is aluminum. It stands up to the laser fine, but you have to be super careful not to drop or drag stuff across the top because its so thin it damages very easily.