Weird issue, Need Help

Having a strange issue, i’ve run out of ideas. Help Appreciated :slight_smile:

So, we use our 4896pro to do all kinds of stuff, but mostly it cuts parts for cabinets (we own a custom cabinetry business). We use a cabinet design program called Mozaik to generate the g-code. So here’s the issue, when i run mozaik produced g-code, any part that requires hold down tabs is cut 1/4 smaller than required. When the machine cuts the tabs, it cuts them as though the part was made the correct length. It leaves an 1/8" tab on each end that, when measured, is the correct part length. All parts not requiring tabs, it cuts perfectly, and the machine cuts perfectly when using g-code produced by vectric.

So i take pictures and e-mail Mozaik support. Send them the project file as well as the g-code in question. While waiting to hear back i mull over the problem. It cant be that the machine is bogging down and losing it’s y axis reference, because it cuts them equally on both ends (not offset). To make double sure, i re-indexed the machine between the part cut and the tab cut and it still, same issue. I thought maybe mozaik thinks i have a different collet/spindle size than i do?

Well, Mozaik support emailed me back and said that they simulated my g-code and it worked perfectly, so its not their problem. I cant see how it isnt. I uploaded a picture to this post, hopefully it shows.

So i’m reaching out here, because i’m out of ideas. I cant get any info out of Mozaik support since it simulates fine, but obviously there is an issue. Does anyone have any advice? Or a place to look? I swear i’ll dance at your next wedding if you help me figure this out.

I’m unsure what you are getting at but when I want tabs on any parts the tool does not cut all the way through the material in the z axis and leaves a tab between the part and the rest of the material. From your picture it looks as though the tab is being left in the y axis for some reason, maybe the softwear is setup or configured incorrectly.

That’s puzzling. Apart from the tabs being different, this sounds like it could be an issue with cutter compensation. Does your code have any G41 or G42? Are there any non-zero diameter or diameter wear offsets in your tool table?

Feel free to attach your G-code file here if you want us to take a look. I think you can use the upload button when composing a post. Or drop a link to a file-sharing site.

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