Y Axis Salve Issues Both Mach3 & Mach 4

Hey guys, I am going to try and be as clear as possible. Having some major issues and hoping someone can help me out.

I installed a new Avid CNC plug and play ESS controller on my 13’x6’ machine. This machine has Dual Y axis motors. It was a plug and play unit that I just bought brand new. It is the cp800 with Nema 34 Motors… Link attached


In Mach 3

Z works perfect
X works perfect
Y1 is extremely slow compared to Y2 ( not exactly sure but about 1/2 FR)
Y2 works perfect

To try and troubleshoot we did the following:

-Changed the speed on the B (y1) axis to 3x that of the Y2 and Y1 was still slow compared- causing the gantry to torque.

-Set all speeds across all 6 axis to 600 IPM 25 Acceleration and it sped up the Y2 and Y1 but differential was still the same

-Changed the speed on Y1 (B) to double that of Y2 and it increased the speed on Y2

My guess is there is some setting inside of Mach 3 that I am not aware of

The only other things I can think of would be:
Remove the setup slave axis?
Gear ratio the same?
Ports in ports and pins are incorrect.
Motor Tuning?

After that I decided that maybe Mach 3 was not compatible with the plug and play system even though we set it up from the archive and links from AVID. So, I downloaded Mach 4 from Avid’s website and followed the instructions to set up the controller.

Ran the test controls and it is doing the same thing.
Z works fine
X works fine
Y2 works fine
Y1 runs about 1/2 FR of Y2

Now granted I do not have anything but the demo version on the computer currently ( Mach 4), but two different programs are operating the same way…

This leads me to believe the following :

  1. There is something wrong with the plug and play controller- Ports are incorrect, Switches on the drives are not correct, or a wiring issue- (would hope this isn’t the issue but anything is possible and probably the most likely)- Has anyone had any issue where they needed to change ports or settings inside the controller box becayse the gantry is torquing due to different feed rates of the motors even though the settings are exactly the same?

  2. There is a small setting that is used both in Mach 3 and Mach 4 that are the same which is causing the slaves axis to operate at different speeds ( Highly unlikely since only around 1% Mach 3 & 4 are interchangeable)

  3. There is a gear ratio setting or step setting that needs to be adjusted in both programs that doesnt come in the ESS and downloads from avid ( in Mach 3 I changed all three axis to 600 IPM 25 percent acceleration, Made all the steps the same except the Z, axis, and made all the other settings the same and the problem still existed, making me believe above #1 is the issue)

Any help would be appreciated- I have seen a couple similar posts in the forum making me think is not a one off issue.

Thanks again!!!

Someone will point out the basics, it might as well be me :wink:

Try detaching the motor from the cnc and see if it runs at the same speed as before, to eliminate mechanical problems

Make sure both Y stepper drivers are configured the same

Make sure both Y stepper drivers have the same meanings for the same switch settings. I.e. are the drivers different models?

While the “bad” motor is detached from the cnc, does the “good” motor move the Y axis the correct distance? I.e. make sure you’re debugging the correct motor.

Try swapping motors, and/or drivers, and see if the problem follows one of those, or stays with the Mach channel. You don’t have to move the motors, just swap the cables for testing (warning: your Y axis will move in the opposite direction when you do this; be prepared)

Yes I did all this before I posted. Swapped Cables and Motors, same issues coming from the box

y1 & y2 switch the motors did the same thing but followed the cables.

Changed y1 to z and X and it was slowed down

I check the motor and couplings to see if it was loose and it wasn’t.

Do the master and slave motors on Y travel the same distance, and its only a speed problem, or are they different in both speed and distance traveled?

So its following the cables only, or the cables and the port they are plugged into on the box?

They came loose in shipping. Was super easy. Thanks for your help!!!