3D Printed Dust Caps for Linear Rail

Hey Avid fam!

Rather than purchase replacement dust caps for my HGR20 linear rail I decided to model and print my own. I’ve included the STL file here should anyone want to try them out.


HGR20_Dust_Cap.stl (635.6 KB)


I like @Eric 's response below better :grinning:

I’m sure we can sell you the red ones too. We have… a lot of them :slight_smile:

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Sell’em by the pound!

I bet with those we do it by weight.

I gotta get me a 3d printer. Time to start researching.

Bambu labs carbon x1 best one I’ve had yet

One word Bamboo. I built a Veron 2.4 and it’s great but I spent the same a maybe more money on it and didn’t end up with a better printer.

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Thanks guys. I do fancy that Bambu printer. Very cool.

Awesome!! :grin::+1: you can make new colors!!

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