ATC Tool Rack Mount for Vertical Table

I have the vertical table on my Avid set about four inches from the front of the machine. I won’t use the whole width of that vertical table, so I’d like to mount an ATC Tool Rack on the right side of the machine.

That is a corner bounded on two sides with 4080 extrusion. Does anybody know what sort of 8020 hardware I’d need to attach a mount to the extrusion? I could always bolt something to the vertical table material, but that seems less elegant.

I don’t thinks this answers your question, but I am in the process of setting a tool rack as well, here is what I have so far.

Your rail-mounted ATC pedestal is really nice Brian. I don’t have the real estate for that. :slightly_frowning_face:
8020 sells brackets with holes to match the 40 series extrusion. They also sell plates designed to match the hole patterns on the brackets. The plan is to fit these to the right side of the vertical table area with roll-in T-nuts. We’ll see how this goes.