Avid SCU Application help

Just getting ready to fire this girl up and went through the SCU set up. It asked for you to update your computer so I’m trying to do that . I unplugged the control box ether net cable and plugged it back to the network but now my computer won’t find the internet or email won’t work. Can’t update the computer. Not sure what to do now. I thought I had a bad port in the garage so I brought it back in the house to a known good port. Still no luck. Please let me know what i did wrong. Thanks

I was able to get it to work by have the computer do a fix on the connections. It does not like the ESS. So it ran the fix and I just had to go back and rerun the ESS set up. Kind of a big pain but got it to work anyway.

The reason why your Internet connection “broke” was due to the SCU. It turns off all internet/wifi connectivity and sets up the firewall to protect the machine from having an untested updates break the connection to the ESS. Many users leave there machine this way, I don’t. I reconnected my computer to the Internet and haven’t had any problems, unless it’s been off for a while and does a big update. I’ve learned to start it up and check and finish all updates prior running my machine.

Me too; I keep the internet on, and I haven’t had issues.

One main reason: I do a lot of my design work on another computer. For Fusion 360, the files are in the cloud, and I can fire up the app on my CNC machine and export Gcode right to it. I also use OneDrive to sync shared VCarve files.



Newfangled has real problems in their code base and none of it has anything to do with networking or Windows updates.

That said, I will shut up and crawl back under my rock…

Thank you for the help, This truly a great source of info.