Blue plastic hold downs

I’ve seen several YouTuber’s using Blue plastic hold downs that twist to lock in the part. Anyone know where I can get some?

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Was it any of these:

Kreg makes some too. There are always endless Amazon knock offs too.


Maybe these…?

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I love these Kreg clamps. When you go to buy some, look around because the price varies from $15 to $40 for some reason.

It did end up being the Kreg Clamps. When I did a Google search I looked at the images until I saw the Kreg Clamps. Unfortunately I drilled the holes on my spoil board to 20mm. Kreg are 3/4


20mm is only 0.037" bigger than 3/4". They should work fine. Buy one first and try it out. My holes are 3/4 and these clamps are a tight fit, and they have a lip on the bottom edge of the dog so it catches when it is seated.

Thanks, I’ll give one a try. My other 3/4 inch dogs were pretty sloppy in the 20mm holes.

The kreg clamps fit fine in 20mm holes. I have that setup. The pressure is towards the ‘back’ of the hole so it works just fine.