Book nook for my wife

I built what I call a book nook for my wife in our bonus room which has several narrow spaces like this with a window. I designed it to house our collection of books, fit a folding twin size bed at window sill height and to have accessible storage underneath. The base is made of three pieces of plywood. The center section is not affixed and can slide out for access to storage below. I threw on a folding front panel with removable supports for making the unit function as a bed.


@ootbrobo Wow awesome! There is a lot of cleverness going on here. Can you upload another picture/video of how this converts into a bed!? That’s amazing! I love projects that have hidden elements of surprise to them.
Thanks for the share!

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Yeah sorry I wanted to upload several pics but the forum wouldn’t allow it as a new member. This is the unit used as a bed. I plan to revisit the quickly thrown together front panel. It was meant as a place holder and then became permanent.


Here is a better view of the storage capacity from a early build photo. The center of the base rides on the 2x4 structure.


Ohhhh…I see! The first photo I had mistaken the bed level as the floor, but that makes sense now. What a clever use of space here! :clap: :clap:

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Super cool project! Two uses of one space is always great!