Flying six strings

I wasn’t sure I was going to post this. Not because I don’t like how it turned out - I do. But because I don’t want anyone to get the idea I’m some sort of musician - I ain’t. Sure, I have 3 guitars, a MIDI keyboard, an electronic drum kit, some ‘hi-fi’ mixing monitors, a couple mic stands and some studio condenser microphones. If you went into my garage you might think I dig trenches for a living, too - I don’t do that either, despite the sheer number of shovels and pick-axes one might find. I’m sure I’m not alone by having a collection of rarely used tools centered around a similar purpose. Somebody back me up here…

I started designing a from-scratch wall mount to hang a gee-tar and get it off the floor. Really wasn’t looking for a complex project, decided not to machine my own actual gripping element. Sure, there are lots of cool ways and materials one could choose from. Maybe I’ll revisit that one day. The white acrylic was a test piece - I also cut a black piece - but I preferred this look in the room.

For this I purchased a fork style wall mount online and kept only the fork portion which has a threaded end and washer/nut. There’s a piece of 1/2" ply in the back, a 1"x1/8" piece of aluminum bar stock inset into that, then a piece of 1/8" walnut, then an acrylic inlay. The aluminum captures the fork nut and a single screw attaches through the aluminum and plywood into a wall stud. The acrylic piece is friction-fit on the fork shaft so it also holds the walnut in place. The 1/2" ply backer is the same shape scaled down about 40% giving a nice floating effect. Because the nut is captured, I can twist the fork off to access the mounting screw. Was all that planned out from the onset? Not telling!

Actually I’m just trying to bring balance back to the project section. @da-kengineer-meister posts all his big brain ideas therefore I limit myself to these sorts of nick-knacks. :wink:


Funny that I’m the guy to have your back here… :smiley: This is what sits behind my sofa in the living room when one walks up the stairs at my place. (And there’s an acoustic in the study) I don’t play either but I sure have fun making lots of noise. Of course, one has to have the obligatory overkill of gear to go with :smiley:

I really do enjoy seeing ALL project related posts here. I miss out on all the ones posted to FB as I’m not on there.

As for this project, it looks awesome. I’ve thought of hanging these ‘geeters’ and you are giving me ideas! Thanks for sharing. Anything we can do to convince everyone to share all kinds of projects is great. The more the better in my opinion.

In the spirit of nick-Knacks, this thing here I designed in Fusion 360 would look really good hanging there. I have yet to design all the jigs I’ll need to actually carve the neck, heel block, tail block, fretboard, bridge, and bracing but hopefully this summer… It’s fully parametric with a variable pitch headstock, variable pitch heal joint, variable radius top and bottom, and variable geometry fretboard.

I’ve built two by hand and still can’t play worth a damn. But I can sure get some privacy when I want by breaking one out. lol.

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I’m with you guys. I’ve built a few guitar stands and hangers, but I play like crap. One of these days I’ll build a guitar for the fun of it because I’m sure I’m better at building than playing.

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Ok I will chime in, not to be out done, I can not play anything, can’t dance, can’t snap my fingers to a tune, no musical talent at all, except I make speakers and guitars, go figure :flushed:. Not sure how to post pictures or I would add a couple.

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Please do. You can paste from the clipboard, cut and paste the file, or drag and drop a file.

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Couple pics from a guy with no musical talent (seriously) the speakers a back loaded horns blue dyed white oak, the guitar is a prototype we are now making 5 copies of a final version that I will post in a month with several upgrades, primary color pen stripes between layers, abalone inlay etc. fun stuff for tone deaf guy :sunglasses:

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Hey Cliff that’s some rad stuff thanks for sharing!

I like seeing other people’s ideas and I think it’s funny nobody so far has said they’re even passable as a guitarist, yet we’ve collectively got a Guns n Roses travel rig worth of instruments among us.

I’ve had a bass since the 90s and bought the Yamaha Pacifica on the wall just this January. Like most of you (probably) I don’t intend to join a band and tour the world, but it’s really cool what you can do with cab/amp emulation software these days. I don’t even own an amp, I just plug in to a USB audio interface and run a program called AmpliTube 5. I have a lot more respect for guitarists who can get clean notes out having tried it myself. I try to pick it up a couple times a week and traverse the lessons on but find myself easily distracted, looking up tabs for songs I like and crunching out terrible renditions in my headphones. ie his youtube series is probably one of the best, I’m literally at level zero finger exercises but figure if I build guitars for another 10+ years at some point I will be able to do rif for my grandkids (I don’t have grandkids yet so there is time!)

This may be the funniest (and most true) statement I read all week!

@Cliff I don’t know if you’ve heard of Danley Sound Labs or Bosch/Electro-Voice but I used to build speakers for them. Loaded horns can be impressive. The tech that goes into line arrays is pretty cool, too.

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