Burning Man Art Bike Project

I used my Avid CNC to do all the final cuts for this bike project!

An a few photos:

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Top shelf work there @corbin ! Does the hot glue really hold up enough long term. I had bad experiences with it years back and never went back.

Thanks @da-kengineer-meister ! Yeah, I have no idea how well the glue will hold up – particularly in the hot desert sun. They might be melting off! I’ll know in a few weeks after the event. At home…they seem to have a really good bond.

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Tiny anecdote, but I used some hot glue to “temporarily” attach some fishing line and small weights to my bluebird box in order to repel house sparrows. Anyway, it lasted a couple years not in direct sunlight. Desert will be different, sure, but I wager it survives the event.

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Well, it survived the hot sun!

But it didn’t survive the massive rain storm that we got. The bike fell over in the rain, and the “scales” got soaked. This caused the hot glue to come loose, so I ended up tearing off all the scales to prevent dropping any on the playa.