Good projects for a beginner!

This was a good project for me an I can hang it on the wall next to the machine… :grin:

If you have a project bring it here!!

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Definitely do the checklist just like we do in aviation. It will save you so much pain and grief.

I would suggest adding check of belts, pinion and rack, linear rails, couplers for the ball screws in the vertical axis. Free of FOD and tools on the gantry (a favorite place for me to stick things).


Yes I would be interested in knowing a Maintenance checklist like things you would check before you start machine Versus a monthly :wink:

Those aren’t maintenance. Those are daily.

Monthly maintenance is completely different. Much more detailed.

Well first of all this isn’t exactly how I thought this topic would go. I wasn’t expecting a pat on the back but to encourage a newbie/ beginner to post a photo an some words about their first or fifth project. You don’t see this down here on the projects section… you do see awesome Beautiful chairs, tables, guitars an hope somtime i can do the same…I’m a beginner with my first cnc machine an there are a lot of things to know. I Loveya an would encourage you to start a new topic on daily an monthly checklists/ Maintenance
Thanks :blush:

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One of my first projects was a simple house number sign for the mailbox, since we share a driveway with our neighbors:

I painted the stock white, covered it with a “craft stencil film”, cnc’d through it, painted it black, then peeled off the film. Easy peasy.

That’s a good idea an that was craft stencil film and not the blue film I’ve been seeing i don’t remember the nam of the stuff.

Well, it was blue, but not the special cnc film you’re probably thinking of. It’s this:

Sorry… My name is Mr. Pedantic :rofl: