CRP4848 attaching Z axis homing switch

Those of you with the CRP4848 router, how have you attached a Z axis proximity sensor or limit switch??

If you have the later Z-axis with the red top plate, there’s a hole for a sensor on either side. If you don’t, you can bend up some sheet metal or aluminum bar stock to create a bracket for the sensor and/or a sensor flag. There’s a couple ways you can setup a sensor, and functionally there’s no difference. You just want it to stop before it hits your bumper.

  • You can have the sensor travel with the Z up/down and have it sense a stationary metal part or a sensor flag (a piece of metal in its path).
  • You can have the sensor itself stationary - mounted in a way that it doesn’t move with the Z up/down - and mount a sensor flag to the up/down part of the Z to pass by the sensor or sense off a metal part when it reaches the top of the range.

I have the older original Z axis that slides up through the extended linear carriages. Just trying to figure out where to mount it.