ESS Laser tab in screenset not showing

Good day.

I had the laser running fine a few months ago on Ess284. Today I needed to use the laser…ran into a few problems that was solved.

Next I loaded the JN woodworks r8 screenset and r4 to test it out.
The tab with the laser height is showing up but the tab where you could test the laser does not show nothing. pic attached.

I am runing Ess v285.

Anything I am missing here?

Thank you!

Two ways to make that show up.

One is to go to the custom tabl in the AVID config tool and select “show laser screen elements”.
If that button is not visible, then click anywhere in that window first and type “laser” and it will appear.

Second way is to open your Machine.ini file (C:\Mach4Hobby\Profiles\AvidCNC\Machine.ini ) and edit the variable iShowLaserScreenElements=0 to a 1 instead.

Thank you…as soon as I added the screen I got this error/ warning.
and now it wont go away . The laser works. the screen that was missing I use to test fire the laser.

That error means you have a pin number incorectly configured. This happens a lot when the Machine.ini file gets corrupted (just happens with Mach4 sometimes).

You can try to re-instate one of the Machine.ini backups from when you think it was last working, or go through your pin setups in the ESS plugin configuration to see if you can fine the problem.

@jjneeb @ROTM Did you get this working?

I’m not sure, the above was the last message I saw.

Good day.
Haven’t test it yet …I have reinstalled everything again new Avid Mach with new Ess.
Next thing I am going to replace is my computer. (which I am thinking is the source of a few of my problems).