Flipper Cart made out of old crates

I’ve been meaning to make one of these carts for my sander/router table for a long time now and I finally did it:

I cribbed some ideas I’ve seen in some YouTube videos and made some adjustments to make it my own.

I cut the parts out of some scrap shipping crates I had around. That Omer nailer makes easy work out of this because you can kinda recklessly shoot composite nails into the sheets for hold down since I didn’t really care what it looked line in the end, I just wanted it functional.

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Pretty slick. I especially like that it was upcycled scraps, despite the appearance you are not lacking in materials to choose from.

Does Home Depot call you when they need more plywood??

HAA, they should… Somehow by luck right before the pandemic I scored a stock of baltic birch for 1/3rd the pre-pandemic cost. I’m slowly working my way through it but it’s taken years.

I should probably sell it and retire early.

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