Gantry travel distance incorrect

I have a new pro 9648 and I have just finished assembling it and working the kinks out. After I home the machine and travel from the left to the right the measurement on my spoil board is just over 49 inches but in the moch 4 display window, the travel is only showing 42 inches.

Travel to the back is 84 inches

Make absolutely sure you selected the right machine type and motor type in the configuration options in Mach. All of the docs are on our site.

Settings look correct. I will have to wait for support tomorrow. When the machine was sent out, one of the dip, switch settings was incorrect, and the gantry was travelling a skew. One motor was travelling faster than the other. I’ll wait for their input. Hopefully they can send me a picture of how the DIP switch settings are supposed to be

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