How do I connect a Huanyang VFD to a Benchtop Pro router and program it to be controlled by Mach4

I just purchased a Benchtop Pro 24x24 and the Nema 23 Plug and Play Controller along with the 14 Pin Vfd cable. I also have a Huanyang 2.2kw VFD & Spindle. I have connected the VFD cable from the controller the VFD using pins FOR, DCM, ACM and VI. I have programmed the VFD to what I believe are the correct settings but it never turns on with Mach4. Does anyone have a similar setup working correctly? If so could you please advise me on the proper wiring and VFD settings.

You are looking for the 14 pin connector I believe.

Also, here is the VFD programming guide if you have the thing wired correctly;

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